Dear Colleagues and Customers,

Like me, I am confident that you are doing your best to stay informed about the COVID-19 evolving situation so that you can make the best safety decisions for your team and your business.  This pandemic is a complex and ever-evolving matter. We, at Aquinas, are working hard to follow the most up-to-date facts.

Last week, I tasked our Aquinas team to think creatively and compassionately about how we can best support our customers virtually and digitally during this unique and challenging time.  To that end, and consistent with our corporate mission, Aquinas is taking the following steps:

  • Working with our partners across the country to offer digital and virtual creative training via virtual meeting rooms and digital modules.
  • Launching the first of our Roq ‘N Roll Closing series.
  • Training additional team members to meet with you about our digital and virtual options.

If your organization or you personally are involved with a non-profit, helping with the relief and prevention efforts related to COVID-19, please let us know.  We would love to discuss how Aquinas can offer assistance through digital training materials or the like.

For the last ten years, Aquinas has been dedicated to developing creative training, skillfully executed, to unleash your success.  Now, more than ever, Aquinas is committed to delivering on our mission.  Let us know what we can do to successfully help you navigate through this situation.  Because, in the end, we will be stronger and more connected.

Think creatively, stay safe, and be well.

Kimberly Richards
Chief Executive Officer
Aquinas Leadership Group