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Through partnerships with customers in the pharmaceutical and life science industries, we design training that connects learners to important skills and information that prepares them to become better salespeople, better market access personnel, and better medical science liaisons (MSLs).

The goal of any training plan is to drive business. Training is a valuable tool, not just a bunch of tactics. Aquinas helps you by working with you to decide the right tactic to achieve your goals. We help you make your training creative, strategic, and better.


AI-Powered Trainer

Provide adaptive, personalized communication for each learner

THOMAS is Aquinas' virtual trainer, an artificial intelligence (AI) system that communicates via text with your learners to push out content, provide practice opportunities, and keep learners connected and accountable throughout their training period


Strategic Training Plans

Aquinas helps you pick the right tactics based on your goals

Not sure how you want to approach a training project? Let Aquinas help you create a strategic training plan based on your needs and adult learning principles. Our team of Instructional Designers specializes in:

- creating launch plans,
- new hire training strategies,
- product and sales education,
- pull-through approaches, and much more


Self-Paced Digital Workshops

Leverage proven content, whenever and wherever you need it

Digital workshops are workshops that are crafted into self-paced eLearning modules accompanied by additional learning materials, such as a learner workbook, that are filled with thought-provoking activities and exercises. Digital workshops are a great way to provide approved content that can be assigned as needed and completed as a self-paced module



Bring learners together

Webinars are the perfect training solution for bringing participants together and connecting learners remotely. Based on your web conferencing software, webinars can be designed to offer interactivity such as voting, games, and more. All webinars are created via Microsoft PowerPoint


System Demos

Build competency and support success

Software and systems can be overlooked in training plans, but they are essential to success. Aquinas offers award-winning software and systems training to walk learners through important functions, make connections to their daily work, and engage in effective practice and application—all with the goal of building competency and learning transfer


Live Workshops

Apply adult learning principles

Whether it’s planning for a National Sales Meeting (NSM), Regional Sales Meeting (RSM), or a Plan of Action Meeting (POA), finding engaging ways to connect all learners to marketing materials, messages, and company initiatives can be challenging. At Aquinas, we recommend incorporating instructor-led workshops into your meeting plan to motivate and captivate your audience


Video Production

(includes live recordings, time lapse animation, branching, and interactive 360 video)

Utilize the full power of video with your learners

Draw learners in through creative video content, whether live recordings or time lapse animation. Take it up a notch with embedded check-in questions, branched video scenarios, or interactive 360-degree video



Engage your ''on the go'' learners

Podcasts are great way to offer learning on the go for your sales force. This training allows sale representatives to independently listen and retain information for a wide range of training topics. Aquinas offers content design as well as recording and production



(includes traditional eLearning and responsive, mobile-optimized eLearning)

Apply an effective eLearning strategy

An eLearning course is an electronic training solution perfect for providing learners with a self-paced, individual learning environment. This solution is SCORM-compliant and compatible with most Learning Management Systems (LMS). This offering allows you to gate learners' review of information and track their progress. Choose between a variety of options for different learning styles and environments, including traditional eLearning and responsive, mobile-optimized eLearning


Annotated PDFs

Provide context and supportive content throughout core documents

You have important documents that learners need to understand. How do you approach this? Aquinas provides sky's the limit annotation options, allowing you to annotate your document with supportive text, graphics, video, check-in questions, and more!


Job Aids

(includes interactive digital resources and standard or interactive PDFs)

Provide just-in-time resources

Job aids provide just-in-time learning resources for your team. Use these as quick and easy reference guides for important information that learners may need to review over time. Job aids are available in a variety of formats, including interactive digital resources and standard or interactive PDFs


Interactive PDF Modules

Engage your learners

Interactive PDF modules offer a variety of learning moments in a simple, accessible format. Learners can engage with:

- visuals/graphic elements,
- videos,
- popups,
- sales pearls, and
- various interactivity options


Live Productions

Create an emotional experience for your learners

Sometimes there is nothing like a live experience. Live productions bring patient and HCP experiences to the forefront of learners' understanding and empathy by using vivid sets and actor portrayals to provide a 'look inside' their day-to-day lives


Learning Expos

Challenge and delight your learners

Adult learners thrive on movement, microlearning moments, and personal involvement. Learning expos are designed around these principles. In a learning expo, learners rotate through a rich offering of training booths that offer learning activities to bolster knowledge and application


Virtual/Augmented Reality

Bring the future to your learners

Boost learning to a whole new level by transporting learners into an interactive real-world experience. For example, place them in an HCP office, show them up close the effects of a specific disease state on the human body, or have them see through the eyes of a patient dealing with a specific health condition



(includes live and virtual formats)

Make learning fun

Games and gamification draw on learners' intrinsic motivation to have fun and compete! This can be a part of how you push out core content or a supplement to your approach. Games and gamification can be designed for live or virtual formats

Our Solutions

Aquinas develops creative training, skillfully executed, to unleash your success.

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